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Organic Gold Flax, Organic Brown Flax, Non-GMO Gold Flax, and Non-GMO Brown Flax.

  • Five-machine separation & sorting process delivers up to 99.98% purity
  • Ideal for bread mixes, pasta, oil extraction, roasting, and whole seed

Garbanzo Beans

Stone Mill offers the highest purification standard when it comes to garbanzo beans. We scalp, sift, density separate, remove stones and metal using our expert process flow system developed using over 35 years of experience.

We offer organic and conventional garbanzo beans.

Ask now about our new roasted garbanzo bean. This product will create a superior flavor and consistency to enhance your milled garbanzo flour or protein.


Offering a multitude of different sizes and colors. Whole lentils come in red, green, black and speckled color ranges. Using our 5 level purification process, we provide raw, clean lentils sourced direct from the farmer for your unique applications. Offering both organic and conventional options.

Radish Seed

Radish is a unique crop that Stone Mill offers exceptional quality put through our 5 level purification process, including a color sort to assure maximum visual appeal.

Common uses are cover crops, sprouting and whole seed applications. Buy from us or supply your own lots direct from the field and let us use our custom process to purify your own product just for you!


Our Microbial Reduction Process:

  • Is a natural, organic approved, ready-to-eat application
  • Increases product stability
  • Improves flavor profile for beans and other grains
  • Can lower product moisture for an easier milling / grinding application and makes an optimal setup for protein separation
  • Offers the highest level of microbial reduction in the industry on pathogens such as Salmonella, Coliforms, yeasts and molds, as well as a high reduction of the total plate count

MRP is available as an add-on process for ingredients purchased from Stone Mill and for toll processing of customer-provided ingredients.

Stone Mill uses innovative methods to process organic and non-GMO agricultural commodities such as seeds, legumes, and other specialty grains at our third-party-audited, FSMA-compliant processing, packing, and distribution center. In this way we ensure the integrity of every product at every step, achieving our exemplary service through a commitment to transparency and strict identity preservation.

We’re proud to provide safe food ingredients for the finest products on the market, from granola bars to pasta to oils, and even premium pet food.

Raising the Bar for Quality
and Safety

We take our reputation and that of our customers very seriously. That’s why we separate and purify our organic and non-GMO grains to the highest standards.

Our exclusive gluten free processing system protects from gluten by using state-of-the-art detection and removal systems and quality control parameters. Please ask us about our gluten standard on the products you love most.

We offer a proprietary Microbial Reduction Process with a 5-log validated kill step, drastically reducing pathogen risk without compromising the natural integrity of the ingredients.

We process, package, and store ingredients in a climate-controlled, safe environment, which also helps maximize product shelf-life.

From a tote bag to a truckload, we package finished ingredients to each customer’s unique needs and can even arrange for delivery.

Our Certifications Say it All

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