Our Story

Combining Tradition and Innovation, Stone Mill is
Committed to our Five Core Values:



Stone Mill has been growing and processing whole ingredients since 1987. We were pioneers in specialty grain cleaning, driven by the motto, “If they say it can’t be cleaned, check with us.” With our history we bring a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and innovative techniques to support our growers and deliver the best product to our customers.



We are always striving to be on the leading edge. Our state-of-the-art, allergen free processing, packing, and distribution center offers proprietary microbial reduction capabilities. Combined with our powerful partnership with Terra Ingredients, we are a wholly-integrated, farm-to-FSMA ingredient provider. The result is optimal value for our customers.



Stone Mill has always demonstrated a passionate commitment to transparency, safety, and strict identity preservation standards. We work closely with farmers to produce the best crops. We employ systems to track grain from raw ingredients in the field to the final lot. Our processing delivers the highest purity levels, thanks to our FSMA-compliant, third-party-audited facility that boasts leading-edge microbial reduction capabilities.



From the efficiencies of innovative technology to our responsible trucking and receiving practices, we are constantly looking for ways to support a more sustainable food system. This includes working with growers to ensure they are using the most advanced, sustainable growing techniques.



We are family owned and operated. This independent spirit also fuels our passionate support of small family farmers. In fact, we source and partner with over 100 farms each year.

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